About us

2010 – 2020

Our first 10 years

“Just run my payroll, so I can pay my staff correctly and on time”

In 2010, with the country in recession, I decided that it was time to make some changes to how I worked. With a lot of support I decided to set up my own business doing something I enjoyed – running payrolls.

Over the years I’d learned that employers just want payroll done. They don’t want to worry about changing terminology and regulations, or the stress of getting wages accurate and paid on time. I would often hear: ‘Just run my payroll, so I can pay my staff correctly, on time, and meet all the requirements.’


Businesses want a simple and stress-free yet personalised service when it comes to payroll, so I created a bespoke service that fitted around clients and their processes. They could rely on us without having to employ a payroll expert.

Building the business

For the first 7 years I worked hard to grow the business – and was successful. So successful that I needed to take on my first employee, Lisa. Then came Julia and most recently Julie. We make a great team with specialist knowledge in all areas of Payroll and Auto Enrolment.

The next 10 years

2020 has been an extraordinary year, with massive challenges for all of us. In Payroll we’ve seen Furlough schemes and more complications for payroll. We’ve met all the challenges and will continue to do so in the future. With Greengages looking after your payroll you can relax.

Our values

what makes us special…


The Greengages team bring a wealth of experience in payroll management. Handling client data day in day out, we have the highest standards of confidentiality and security of their data, while our ongoing training program ensures we are up-to-date with any changes in legislation.


Our systems have been designed to be ultra reliable and we pride ourselves on our accuracy and attention to detail. We understand that every person’s payroll is important and that we must always get it right first time.


We are a small team working together in this specialist area and are happy to tailor your payroll solution to suit your needs. You’ll find us easy to talk to and we’ll keep things as simple as we can. Our aim is for you to be able to relax once you have chosen us to be your payroll partner.

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